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Solve For Why TV was created by our team of accomplished high-stakes and mid-stakes poker professionals, consisting of Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Matt Hunt, Landon Tice, and Jack Laskey. We have studied the game for years, perfecting our advanced poker strategies. With Solve For Why, we now bring our collective skills to you!

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Most poker tips and strategies available online or in old books are overused, outdated, overly simplified, and ultimately ineffective. At Solve For Why, we not only equip you with advanced poker strategies but more importantly, we train you on how to think about the game and adapt quickly, to succeed in a highly evolving environment.

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Mastering Live Poker

At Solve For Why TV we put a strong emphasis on live poker training. Of course, poker is poker, and all of our videos will provide great value, wherever you typically play, but most of our elite pros earned their chops in the live arena. We focus on providing you with all the tools you need to make efficient and profitable decisions, in real-time, at the table.

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We’ll Help You Develop The Mindset Of A Winner

We created Solve For Why TV as an advanced poker training destination that will produce the next generation of poker pros. As such, our focus is not to dish out a bouquet of strategies that you can memorize and mimic at the table. Instead, we help you develop your own poker strategies and learn how to adapt, improve, and perfect them on the fly.

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Hyper-Targeted Training
Hyper-Targeted Training

No one-size-fits-all tutorials. Our Advanced Poker Training is designed to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and skills with highly targeted training. It’s built for you.

Advice From Proven Winners
Advice From Proven Winners

Get tips, ideas, strategies, and advice from poker pros who have experienced long-term success. Go beyond theory with our advanced poker training programs.

Don’t Replicate
Don’t Replicate

Say goodbye to blindly mimicking others’ strategies. Learn how to properly think about and analyze the game, to develop a strategy that best fits your strengths.

Meet The Solve For Why Team

Our elite pros possess exceptional poker skills and outstanding teaching abilities. They have sustained decades of success in cash games and tournaments of all stakes.

Matt Berkey


Matthew Hunt


Landon Tice


Nick Marchington


Poker Training Done Right

We are confident that you will quickly see how unique, and effective, our approach to advanced poker training can be. Sign up today and see for yourself.

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